i really hate the phrase uterus bearers

when you use the phrase “uterus bearer” instead of “woman” when discussing reproduction yes you’re being super inclusive. some people who have uteri do not identify as women. you’re also making the distinction between woman-identified people who have uteri and woman-identified people who have no uteri (whether because they were born without one or because they had theirs removed in part or whole).

cookie for u A+ ally

of course ~95% or so of the people you are referring to are biologically female AND woman-identified AND capable of reproduction via their uteri.

all three of these in combination have historically been used to subjugate these people as a distinct class. also known as the “inferior” sex class.

these are not privileged people just because they comprise the physical majority of “uterus bearers”. being in the majority does not magically bestow privilege; you need power too. people belonging to the “uterus bearing” female-identified sex class do not have that, as a class. there have always been and always will be individuals and even groups privileged along other axes (e.g. white women, middle class/rich women) who “rise above”. and most cases of this “rising above” are accomplished in part or in whole by standing upon the backs of those from their own sex class: poor women, women of colour, lesbians. that is not revolution, nor is it liberation. class liberation will not have been accomplished until there is no ”below”.

but back to the 95%. you are talking about billions — billions — of oppressed humans whose existence has historically been (and in many places still is) considered little more than quasi-human vessels attached to uteri, existing only as a convenient source of unpaid domestic labour and species propagation.

you are calling these people “uterus bearers”

billions of people with a long, long history of being violently reduced to our uteri



and you’re doing it in the name of “social justice”

you expect us to accept it and far too many do, because “being inclusive” is a lot like “being nice” and hmmm let’s see which “gender” is it that’s socially conditioned to “be nice” again

oh my, what a coincidence (◕‿◕✿)

it is not more important to be “inclusive” than it is to consider intersections of oppression on a pragmatic level (fyi highfalutin academic doublespeak is not pragmatic)

tl;dr if “uterus bearer” is your idea of representing any kind of justice get the fuck away from me you’re terrifying and gross and probably a mra